Our new KTM parts finder is now live! This is an exciting time in the shop, we have now branched out and created an awesome easy to use parts finder. Phase one is KTM but we are not stopping there. Husqvarna and Kawasaki will be live soon. We will then look at adding Suzuki, Sherco and Beta once everything is up and running.

If you have not looked yes check out the KTM Parts finder, desktop or mobile it works great with both. Simply search for your model or enter your VIN and you will be able to find the parts you are looking for.

We stock a huge amount of products in store but with a direct link to KTM’s stock levels, we can order anything from the factory and get it to your door as soon as possible.

The parts finder is designed for you guys to be able to order what’s needed 24/7. However, if you are struggling to give us a call and we can order over the phone and help you resolve any issues.

Click here to go straight to the parts finder and get ordering.



We are pleased to announce that we are now Official Husqvarna dealers. We will be stocking all models in the coming weeks as well as parts and accessories which are available immediately.

Our new mezzanine floor has been extended once again ready to accommodate all the bikes. Paint is currently going on the walls as I write this and we can’t wait to get the bikes in store.

Orders are now being taken so call us on 01722786251

We are pleased to announce that we are the title sponsors for the 2019 Dawn to Dusk Enduro event.

The race will take place on the 24th-25th of August and is set to be a great weekend. The event is split into 3 races, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 you choose your fate. Can you handle 24 hours? This can be done solo or as part of a team so don’t be too scared if you feel you are not up to the challenge.

As the title sponsors, we are of course going to be present at the event. We will be entering a team and we are hoping to take the victory. We will also be present at the event with a small trade stand (we won’t have tons of spares). We will have spare tyres available and, yes we can fit them if you need a hand.

We know the Welsh like to party so we are planning the entertainment for the event to make sure that its a good time for everyone.

We will be making more announcements closer to the event with what we have planned! But for now, the entries are open so click the link below and get booked in. If you need anything to prepare for the event then be sure to contact us for anything you need. We will be sure to help you out. If you are on the market for a bike to race the event then check out our enduro range here:
New Shercos:


Used bikes:

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Register here:

Here is the first in the Holeshot Motocross webisode series!

Our team rider Jamie Carpenter has been off his bike now for over 8 months recovering from a season ending knee injury. We take a trip up to meet Fitness Coach Alan Milway, and spend the day at Birmingham University checking in the with the Physio Lab for the some tests, and follow them through their routine of getting Jamie’s knee back to full health!

Subscribe to our channel for more of this! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs39AsRHNe_usI0UDSub0cQ

Jamie Carpenter – @jamiecarpenter184  www.facebook.com/Jamie-Carpenter-184-195565927145555/

Alan Milway – @alanmilway https://www.facebook.com/alanmilwaycoach/

Last week we got the pleasure of getting out of the store for a day, and taking one of the brand new 2018 Sherco 125 SE-R out for a test ride!

Piloted by the HMX head honcho Liam, the 125 was definetely going to be put to the test… And boy it delivered.

Check out the video we filmed on the day to see it in action! Interested in this bike? Book it for a test ride! Call now 01722 786251.

It’s very exciting times here at Holeshot Motocross. You may have seen that we have taken on KTM and are going to be an official dealer in time for the 2020 range to be released. This has triggered a lot of change to take place in the shop.

If you have been in our showroom before you would have seen the upstairs mezzanine. This is being extended throughout the shop, pretty much doubling our space. Great news for you guys!

We will have more bikes, new and used! We will have more parts and more kit!

KTM power parts will be available in store and we will be the place to be for all your needs. This will all be online and can be shipped to you with next day delivery. Or if you would rather come in and have a coffee we will be stocking as many parts as possible. (If a part is not in stock then we can order direct from Austria and it will be with us within three days.) We want to keep you on track and “ready to race” see what we did there 

With kit in mind, we have also signed a deal with Alpinestars to stock the full range! Everything from Tech 10s to the new Supertech helmet and everything in between. All of this will be available in the coming weeks both instore and online!

The building work is scheduled to start on the 18th of March, during this time we are still open for business however the showroom is closed for health and safety reasons, so if you do plan on popping in, please let us know beforehand what bikes you would like to view!

Anyway, like we’ve said there is a lot going on and we can’t wait to see the finished outcome. The showroom is going to look great, watch this space!

Buying a used bike can be something people shy away from. Now if you have the money to get a new one then yeah go for it. However, some people are not in that position but still have the same love for the sport that we do. Therefore they have no choice but to go used.

This creates a dilemma, do you buy from a shop or do you buy privately. You may get a better deal privately, sure. But can you trust that ‘Joe Bloggs’ has taken care of his ‘01 Cr 250’ that’s lent against the fence still plastered in mud? He may say it just had a top end rebuild but it will have you questioning, has it really?

So then you look at what the dealers have to offer. The bikes look clean and make you feel you’re getting something worth your money. But still, it’s always in the back of your head that this is still a used bike.

Of course, we can never be certain that your bike isn’t going to blow. We do however do our utmost to prevent this from happening. We test ride all used bikes to make sure all the gears are there and just to listen to the engine we don’t want any knocks or anything unusual. The bikes are then given a deep clean before they even come into the workshop. The bikes are given the once over buy one of our mechanics, Oil changed, air filters cleaned. And any issues will be addressed, such as valve clearances wheel bearings etc.  

Once the workshop is happy that bike will then get the green light to go into the showroom. You see it want it and buy it. But your still questioning have I done the right thing. At the end of the day, it’s a lot of money that you are parting ways with. So that’s why we let you give the bike a once over yourself in store. We have a full toolbox for you to use at your own risk. This just gives you the peace of mind to go over the nuts and bolts making sure that we do our job correctly. This also comes with a tick sheet of the standard stuff to address.

That’s it the bike is yours, your obviously excited and go riding that very weekend. Disaster strikes and something goes wrong. At the end of the day its a used dirt bike. Not to worry, we offer a 30-day engine and gearbox warranty. Just bring the bike back and we will address and fix the issue.

So there you have it there is always that risk when buying a used motocross bike but its just how brutal the sport is. We want our customers to have confidence when they are buying from us and as we are trading standards approved means you can trust that the bike is as describes.