Holeshot MX Warranty

Motorbike warranty

For any motorbike warranty claims/issues, An online form must be completed.

*If you are unable to supply the requested information within the form your claim may be rejected.

Warranty Period

For any motorbike warranty claims/issues, an online form must be completed.

*If you are unable to supply the requested information within the form your claim may be rejected.

Please ensure your machine has been serviced as per manufactures manual including the correct intervals to validate your warranty.

Manuals for your machine if not supplied with the bike are openly available online. In contrast if you cannot locate this please contact a member of Holeshot Staff.

Here at holeshot we provide a 14-day warranty on the engine and gearbox ONLY from date of original retail purchase. Regarding this if an engine or gearbox fault is found within 14 days of sale then Holeshot Motocross Ltd must be informed.

In order to do this please complete of our online Warranty Form. Equally important is that this is done within the 14 days issue.

Afterward The machine must then be returned to Holeshot Motocross Ltd for investigation and necessary repair work. Preceding this if the machine is tampered with or worked on by anyone other than Holeshot Motocross Ltd for the warranty issue, the warranty is void and you may incur costs.

Motorbike warranty Exclusions

Bikes that were not purchased from Holeshot Motocross Ltd, which were/are used for rental purposes, or other commercial use are not covered by any warranty. Also excluded from the warranty are, installation of parts not by Holeshot Motocross Ltd. Also, accident, crash or collision damage. Along with any modifications to original parts, improper maintenance, improper assembly (if not carried out by Holeshot Motocross) or improper transportation.

Owner's Responsibility

To qualify for warranty, the owner is required to operate and maintain their bike according to the advice and guidelines. These are specified during purchase and within the owner’s manual. Should any warranty issue arise the owner must completion of our online Warranty Form. In addition to this return the bike to Holeshot Motocross Ltd along with proof of purchase.

Limited LIability

Motorsport can be dangerous. Holeshot Motocross Ltd, offers no other warranty of any kind, whether it be expressed or implied. In no event will Holeshot Motocross Ltd be liable to you for damages, including general, special, incidental or consequential damages. Also, damages arising out of the use or inability to use the bike/vehicle. Consequently you agree to this warranty when you make any purchase from Holeshot Motocross Ltd.

Warranty FAQ's

Your 14 day warranty is on the engine and gearbox ONLY. Any material or workmanship found to be defective on the engine or gearbox within the warranty period shall be remedied without charge for parts or labor at Holeshot Motocross Ltd.

We’re sorry, but transportation of the vehicle is the owner’s responsibility even for a warranty repair. 

If the warranty on your bike has expired, you must request a repair inspection through Holeshot Motocross at your expense. Once a diagnosis of the problem has been made, we will be able to see if any warranty assistance can be offered. All repair assistance offered by Holeshot Motocross Ltd must be coordinated through our sales team 01722 786251.

We’re sorry, but your warranty is only valid at Holeshot Motocross Ltd. Any work carried out by another dealer within your warranty period will void your warranty.

Unfortunately no, maintenance services are not included in the warranty coverage. Those costs are the responsibility of the consumer. However, you will find our prices very competitive and we are experts in ensuring your bike is track ready. Call us today to discuss your needs. 

Of course, you are free to do your own oil changes however, we politely request that you keep written records and copies of your receipts that can prove the oil changes were done. 

Warranty Form

An online form must be completed for all warranty claims. Unfortunately if you are unable to supply the requested information within the form your claim may be rejected.

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Warranty Form

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