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As one of the largest companies in the business, we are able to offer finance on almost all of our new and used off-road bikes.

Motorbike Finance Holeshot mx. Holeshot Offers manageable payment schemes through a comprehensive and flexible range of finance products.

We understand and recognising the financial stresses that motorbikes and competition can have. Therefore, is why Holeshot Motocross & Enduro offers finance packages in partner with Santander.
Finance can be used to pay for a used bike or any new models available. Likewise, finance can be used to purchase clothing and or other accessories.
Holeshot mx offers finance by working closely with Santander Consumer Credit and are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). We aim to make your purchase of a new or used motorcycle, clothing or accessories as easy as possible.
Santander’s service and product offering has made them the UK’s leading, independent finance company.
Santander Consumer Finance offers you a range of options which can be tailored to suit the way you want to pay. Holeshot Motocross & Enduro is here to help you make the right choice for finance. Thus, we will be pleased to discuss the options with you. Once that decision is made, an application we will be made to Santander for finance on your behalf. Overall, we are generally able to make a quick decision in regard to your finance.
Call us today for knowledgeable advice on the best, most affordable finance package that will suit you… 01722 786251.

motorbike Finance Holeshot mx

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