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New GasGas Motorcycles available at Holeshot Motocross.

HOLESHOT GASGAS is bringing the motorcycle dealership environment into the 21st century.

GASGAS motorbikes : performance off-road motorcycles that put the fun back into riding. Offering a complete range of motocrossenduro and trials machines, with a no-nonsense approach to performance.


GasGas bikes deliver proven technology, excellent styling and an overall simplicity that invites riders to unite in the dirt.
Enjoying fun-filled muddy weekends riding and racing with mates is what these motocross bikes are all about.
With 2021 marking the start of a new chapter for GasGas, heavily committing to re-energising the brand. In relation to this the company was founded by riders and remains a brand for riders. Embracing those who enjoy the challenge and encouraging others to challenge themselves.

Bringing fresh energy to the MX scene with a complete range of motocross bikes, with a no-nonsense approach to performance. Meaning all models deliver proven technology, vibrant styling and an overall simplicity inviting riders to unite in the dirt. Enjoying fun-filled muddy weekends riding and racing with friends is what the MC 125, MC 250F and MC 450F motocross bikes are all about.

The range

GasGas minis are designed for kids aged four to 15 years. Specifically, with three high-revving, fun-filled 2-strokes. The MC 50, MC 65 and MC 85 allow riders to unite in the dirt, confident of having the absolute best bikes. In short, the mini range ensures no-nonsense performance, bikes that are built to excite and encourage youngsters development.

The Trials range offers the same great 125cc, 250cc, 280cc and 300cc bikes trusted and loved by riders across the world. Meaning the GasGas TXT RACING and TXT GP line-ups remain fun, exciting and easy-to-use.

GasGas enduro range focuses on ensuring fun and putting serious bikes into the hands of riders who love off-road racing. Featuring a complete range of 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes all featuring the latest technologies. Furthermore celebrating their Spanish heritage and enduro know-how. Utilizing a well-proven performance platform, the EC 250, EC 300, EC 250F and EC 350F are all about no-nonsense riding enjoyment.

MX Range for 2022

GasGas might be the new kids on the MX scene, but at the same time super focused on building bikes that stand out from the crowd. Above all else They make bikes that allow riders to have a blast! Prioritising ease of use, value, and reliability, all MX models allow riders to push their limits and have serious fun! And for 2022 GasGas have expanded their line-up to include the new MC 350F, the new MC 250 for 2-stroke lovers, and the small wheel MC 85 for the champions of tomorrow.

Below you can view the latest range of GasGas Models.

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