Buying a used bike with confidence!

Buying a used bike can be something people shy away from. Now if you have the money to get a new one then yeah go for it. However, some people are not in that position but still have the same love for the sport that we do. Therefore they have no choice but to go used.

This creates a dilemma, do you buy from a shop or do you buy privately. You may get a better deal privately, sure. But can you trust that ‘Joe Bloggs’ has taken care of his ‘01 Cr 250’ that’s lent against the fence still plastered in mud? He may say it just had a top end rebuild but it will have you questioning, has it really?

So then you look at what the dealers have to offer. The bikes look clean and make you feel you’re getting something worth your money. But still, it’s always in the back of your head that this is still a used bike.

Of course, we can never be certain that your bike isn’t going to blow. We do however do our utmost to prevent this from happening. We test ride all used bikes to make sure all the gears are there and just to listen to the engine we don’t want any knocks or anything unusual. The bikes are then given a deep clean before they even come into the workshop. The bikes are given the once over buy one of our mechanics, Oil changed, air filters cleaned. And any issues will be addressed, such as valve clearances wheel bearings etc.  

Once the workshop is happy that bike will then get the green light to go into the showroom. You see it want it and buy it. But your still questioning have I done the right thing. At the end of the day, it’s a lot of money that you are parting ways with. So that’s why we let you give the bike a once over yourself in store. We have a full toolbox for you to use at your own risk. This just gives you the peace of mind to go over the nuts and bolts making sure that we do our job correctly. This also comes with a tick sheet of the standard stuff to address.

That’s it the bike is yours, your obviously excited and go riding that very weekend. Disaster strikes and something goes wrong. At the end of the day its a used dirt bike. Not to worry, we offer a 30-day engine and gearbox warranty. Just bring the bike back and we will address and fix the issue.

So there you have it there is always that risk when buying a used motocross bike but its just how brutal the sport is. We want our customers to have confidence when they are buying from us and as we are trading standards approved means you can trust that the bike is as describes.