Meet The Team

Liam Ulett - CEO and Owner

Holeshot Motocross was born over 8 years ago, starting from a couple of bikes in a garage, to the super store that stands today containing over 150 bikes!

Background in Motocross?
I’ve been riding since i was 6 years old, competed in Supercross and Motocross Nationals. Still ride today!

Rides a... Kawasaki
Drives a... Ford Ranger

Ryan Elcock - General Manager

Background in Motocross?
Rode professional BMX for 15 years, Raced local MX in Clubman class and currently race Enduro and enjoy Enduro freeriding / Green lane riding.

See most recent BMX link...

Rides a….Kawasaki
Drives a…. Ford Ranger

Ben Jewell - Sales

Background in Motocross?
Been riding since the age of 11 and rode schoolboy races and a few selected nationals up until the age of 15 but then stopped due to ongoing injuries so now I ride for fun!

Rides a... Sherco SEF 300
Drives a... Corsa Van Man

Billy Glassby - Sales

Background in Motocross?
Competed since the age of 4 years old in Supercross and Motocross nationals.

Rides a…. Kawasaki KXF 250 2018
Drives a… Nissan Navara Pickup

Scott Gower – Marketing

Background in Motocross?
First got on a bike at 3, raced since 6, and still no good.

Rides a... RMZ 450
Drives a... Vivaro

John Ulett - Workshop Manger

Background in Motocross?
Raced back in the day and supported my boys through-out.

Rides a... KTM SuperDuke
Drives a... BMW

Rico Sgueglia – Head Technician

Background in Motocross?
Not racing, but I love a good rinse through the woods dodging trees!

Rides a... 2017 Beta 300RR
Drives a... Rusty old Defender that i love!

Bill Piper – Workshop Technician Assistant

Background in Motocross?
Been riding motorbikes since i was 3! Love a bit of enduro, razzing around Salisbury plains!

Rides a... KTM XCF 250
Drives a... Rattiest 3 series beemer to ever go sideways