Servicing at Holeshot MX

With over 20 years’ motocross mechanic experience – whatever issue you have, you can bet we’ve seen it before!

To book a Service call us on 01722 786251 and ask to book your bike in, our servicing department is open from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

We have a full workshop with manufacturer trained technicians that have extensive experience and craftsmanship, the high standards for quality of our service and maintenance ensures that your bike and any warranty is fully protected. Any motocross and enduro bikes can be serviced and repaired in our modern workshop environment, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to diagnose small faults and complete engine rebuilds. Utilise our collection and delivery service to remove the hassle for you, especially with our pre-race day preparation service.

There really is no better place than Holeshot Motocross to maintain your bike.

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To book a service online, simply fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the booking.

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    Additional Information

    Whilst you trust us to work on your bike, we thought we would let you know the additional benefits of using Holeshot for your service. We hope our way of ensuring you are safe and track ready will encourage you to use us for all your future service and maintenance work!​​

    Genuine Parts & Accessories

    Genuine Parts and Accessories have been designed specifically to comply with our high standards of safety and reliability. They are rigorously tested and offer the best quality for your service and maintenance needs.

    Diagnostic Systems

    We use up-to-date diagnostic equipment that communicates with your bike electronics to help locate and rectify any issues. The advanced software not only finds potential issues, but provides the service technician with suggestions and tools to help resolve them to provide you with a quick and efficient repair.

    Approved Repair Procedures & Tooling

    Utilising specifically created motocross tools, our Technicians can guarantee that the right tool is used for the right job, and minimises the risk of incorrect fitting or damage to your bike.

    Warranty Protection

    Work carried out can be covered by your bike warranty policy (provided it was undertaken within your warranty period)- View Warranty Page

    Customer Convenience

    We deliver the highest standards of customer care by offering a range of convenient services including collection and delivery (subject to availability).

    Qualified Technicians

    Service or maintenance work requires advanced knowledge, expertise, and first rate ability. Our Technicians undergo continual training on new tools, equipment, technology, and techniques specific to the motocross industry.

    Important Information

    It is imperative that the machine you have purchased today is serviced as per manufacturers manual.  If the bike was a used machine that did not come with a manual, the manual will be easily found online to download in PDF format or available to purchase from brand manufacturers.

    It is yours, the owner’s responsibility to carry our regular services & bolt checks as per the manual and regular maintenance after every ride.

    Please check all nuts and bolts on your machine after every ride, these can run themselves loose on used and even on new bikes.

    If you cannot source the correct manual or aren’t competent at carrying out any maintenance yourself then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to supply you the information required or to book your bike into our workshop.   Please do not ever hesitate to contact us if you require advise or would like to source information about your machine.  01722 786251